Mirage Convertible Pen (Fountain & Rollerball)


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Wood / Acrylic



The Mirage has distinctive, beautiful contours that set it apart from any other fountain pen.  The graceful lines of the Mirage are further accentuated by a special roller clip to create a stately and classic design, reminiscent of vintage pens such as the Wahl-Eversharp Doric.

This version of our ever popular Mirage pen includes both a fountain and rollerball grips allowing maximum flexibility.  The pen converts from one format to the other by simply changing the pen grips over (remember the spring on the rollerball version).

The Mirage is available in Chrome or Gold.  This wonderful pen comes complete with a black velvet presentation case to make a complete gift.

Pen Type Capped Fountain/Rollerball
Refill Type Standard Cartridge Standard Rollerball Refill