Buying Guide

We understand that buying a bespoke pen for yourself or someone else can be daunting due to the wide range of options available.  We have put together this guide that will help you through the process.

1. Choose Pen Type

There are 3 main pen types: fountain, rollerball and ballpoint.  Fountain pens tend to be the most fluid and take ink directly from a cartridge or reservoir.  Ballpoints are a standard pen type, with thicker ink allowing good control and a longer life.  A rollerball is somewhere in between, with liquid ink allowing a more fluid feel than the ballpoint.

2. Select Pen Style

We have a range of pen styles and aim to add more in due course.  We only use good quality and reliable components, along with trying to keep the designs a little different from each other.  To start with, consider if the pen should be slim or chunky, and then take it from there.

3. Pick Material Type

There are a massive selection of woods and acrylics to pick from, ranging from locally sourced to exotic. As wood is a natural product, there will be some variation in colour and grain texture.  If you can't decide, there is an option to let us decide for you; just tell us if you would prefer a lighter or darker wood.

4. Pick Metal Finish

Typically gold or chrome, but there are also a wider range of metals now available for additional wow factor.

5. Pick Wood Finish

We have two options: clear coat or wax.  The clear coat consists of multiple layers of lacquer applied to provide a gloss finish, and will help protect the wood for years to come.  Wax on the other hand is a wax product applied directly to the wood.  This allows for a real feel of the wood but does not provide the same level of protection.  We normally recommend a wax finish on the darker woods as the clear coat will fill in the grain texture and can sometimes hide the character of the wood.

If you have selected an acrylic, this normally needs no further protection but can be polished. 

6. Shape

We will normally either shape the pen body with a straight or slightly curved form.  If there is another shape form that you would like, leave us a description in the message box during checkout.

7. Checkout

Go through our easy to use checkout system to order your chosen custom built pen!