Pen Care

The best way to look after your pen is to use it and enjoy it! If you don't use it regularly, the ink can dry out.  Aside from that, there are a few other things that you need to consider.


Pens are subject to a wide range of abuse, from daily handling, bumps, scratches and particularly oils from our hands.  Our pens will either be protected by a clear coat lacquer or a quality wax.

If your pen has a clear coat finish, gentle wiping should keep it generally clean.  In addition, applying a fine plastic polish will help revive the coat and offer some further protection.  If your pen is protected by a wax, this will need more care than the clear coat.  Use of a good quality furniture wax will help keep the wood in good condition.


Carefully store your pen when not in use.  As a major component of the pen is wood, it should be protected from extreme heat, humidity and water.  These environmental conditions can cause the pen to expand or shrink and can potentially harm the pen.  Ideally store the pen in the presentation box will help protect from drops and knocks.



All our pens are designed to be used with readily available refills.  Replace your cartridge with a good quality replacement to ensure continued pleasurable writing experience.