Metal Guide

Along with a wide range of wood and acrylic options, the metal components on most of our pens can be specified in different finish types.  Although we try and source high quality components, over time pens do suffer from wear and tear and this can eventually lead to finish defects on the metal plating.

Below is some information regarding the various plating options that are available (not all options are available on all pens).  Note that sometimes we need to charge extra for the more expensive platings, this is normally shown on the pricing for the options.

Rhodium & Platinum

Possibly nature’s most brilliant and durable precious metal, Rhodium is used by the worlds premier pen manufacturers to plate their very finest pens. A member of the Platinum precious metals family, and is unmatched in brilliance and durability.

Wear Rating: 5/5

Titanium (Gold and Black)

Titanium plating is very popular as it offers superior wear resistance yet is less expensive than other precious metal platings. Available in gold and black.

Wear Rating: 5/5


Chrome & Gun Metal

Chrome and Gun Metal are extremely long-wearing platings capable of resisting everyday wear and tear. Highly recommended for key rings, pens and other projects, chrome gives you a shiny, rich look at an economy price.

Wear Rating: 4/5

24k Gold

Higher grade Gold.  As 24k gold is naturally soft and wears quickly, some 24k Gold pens feature a durable epoxy layer on top of the gold plating to increase wear resistance.

Wear Rating: 3/5


10k Gold

This popular plating blends hard nickel and the beauty of gold together to form a brilliant plating that is durable and affordable.

Wear Rating: 3/5



Satin series pens undergo a special plating process that produces a matte finish that features a slight texture that looks and feels great. This popular plating offers a unique alternative to traditional plating.

Wear Rating: 3/5

Black Chrome

Black Chrome offers a unique alternative to traditional platings that works extremely well with lighter colour woods. The soft sheen and depth of colour make Black Chrome a favourite.

Wear Rating: 2/5